An exploration of the body-mind relationship

The separate sense of self is an illusion created by language. While language defines things by separating them from their context, we exist through our context. We can exist without the definition we give ourselves through language, but we can’t exist without the relationship between our body, our mind and our surroundings.

Flow State goal
Flow State goal

Language isn’t fit to explain everything, but it is the best way to communicate.

Flow State goal
Flow State goal

As a rational being I want to understand the relationship between body, mind and surroundings. As a social being I want to discuss it and share my knowledge. Even though we can never understand it through language alone.

To discuss the relationship between body, mind and surroundings design becomes the complimentary part to language. With Flow State I start this discussion.

Flow State goal
Flow State goal

Let's explore the body-mind relationship together and use design as our primary way of communicating.

Want to see me struggle to explain the body-mind relationship in words? Click here to read my thesis.

Collection of Movements: a research becomes a method

My journey starts with my personal experiences in circus training. There I first encounter a state where my body, mind and surroundings seem to become separate characters. Instead of me being the one that thinks, or the one that moves, I was the place where the three of them came together. Partly leading their interaction with each other and partly following their flow.

In my research I look to create a similar experience. As a result I made the Collection of Movements. A method that allows you to make endless connections between movements of the body, movements of my installation and different points in space. The resulting behaviour makes the installation come alive.

Making the object come alive

Flying higher and higher

An exchange of movement

When movements flow

The Unwilling Table