Flow State

'A collection of movements performed by wooden plates, ropes, hinges, the body and the mind'

“Walking forward I feel wooden plates pressing against my skin. Soft fabric touches my arms as I slide into place. My feet are planted firmly on the ground. I lean forward and feel them slip. I arch my back. The wooden plates lift me up. At the verge of falling I push my upper legs into the wood and allow my waist to rise. My feet no longer carry my weight. Instead I reach a balance in how my legs, waist and the wooden plates support me.“

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Flow State is featured in the online exhibition 'Hit a Wall Break a Leg' as well as the KABK Graduation Show from the 11th till the 13th of september 2020.

Nominated for:
Royal Department Award Architecture and Furniture Design
Royal Bachelor Award, Royal Academy of Art The Hague
Paul Schuitema Award